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State Starts Review of Reforestation Standards

State Opens Firewood Harvest Areas by Dillingham

The Division of Forestry and the Division of Mining, Land and Water have worked together to allow personal use firewood permit holders to gather dead wood from certain state lands near Dillingham for heating their homes this winter.
Read the full story in the Bristol Bay Times at:

*article clarification - the agreement is between Division of Forestry and Division of Mining Land and Water (both divisions are in the Department of Natural Resources).

Proposed Susitna State Forest

The Division of Forestry supports Senate Bill 28 and House Bill 79 that would establish a new State Forest in the Susitna Valley. The proposed 686,800 acre Susitna State Forest, if adopted, would become Alaska's fourth state forest, joining the Tanana Valley, Haines, and Southeast State Forests. Please see the following documents for more information.

Maps of the Proposed Susitna State Forest

The proposed Susitna State Forest lands are included within two state Area Plans:

Mass wasting regulations adopted

Amendments to the Forest Resources and Practices regulations governing forest operations and mass wasting have been adopted and will go into effect on September 25, 2013. The regulations are designed to prevent or minimize adverse effects of mass wasting on fish habitat and water quality. Click the link below for a copy of the regulations. For more information, contact Marty Freeman (marty.freeman@alaska.gov or 269-8467).

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