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Multiple Burn Closures Now in Effect Across Alaska

Effective immediately and continuing until further notice all cooking, warming, signaling fires or any type of fire (specifically covered under the burning permit regulations 11 AAC 95.400 - 11 AAC 95.490 and 11 AAC 95.900) are prohibited on state lands, including state park units, and private and municipal lands within Game Management Units 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24 and 25. These units include the Kenai Peninsula Borough, Anchorage Municipality, Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Copper River Valley, the Tanana River Valley north of the Alaska Range, and Western Alaska.

The term "open fires" refers to any flame source not immediately extinguishable or controllable and applies to any form of wood or charcoal-based fire, even in established fire rings. Gas grills, backpacking or camp stoves using fuel or compressed canisters which can be regulated and shut off are still permitted for use.

Wildland fire managers ask visitors and residents to follow the fire prohibitions and prevent additional fire starts. We all have a hand in a safe fire season.

Board of Forestry to Meet in Fairbanks July 28

The Board of Forestry will meet in Fairbanks on July 28, followed by an evening forum on reforestation. The public notice and agenda for the meeting are attached below.

Personal-use woodcutting area near Salcha opens on short-term basis

(Fairbanks, AK) - The Division of Forestry has opened up a new personal-use woodcutting area near Salcha that will be open for a few weeks until it is closed for the season.

The Salcha Salvage Woodlot, located on about 20 acres on two islands in the frozen Tanana River, opened to the public on Monday. Most of the available wood consists of balsam poplar and white spruce. A Division of Forestry firewood cutting permit is required and only dead trees may be cut. Permits are available online at https://dnr.alaska.gov/FPS/ or in person at DOF offices in Fairbanks or Delta.

The woodcutting area is part of a 300-acre salvage timber sale proposed by DOF. The available timber was killed in the last three to five years as a result of seasonal flooding due to silt deposition and the meandering nature of the river. State forestry officials designed the sale to salvage as much timber as possible before further damage occurs due to rot, insects, wind and more flooding.

The woodcutting area can be accessed at approximately 318 Mile Richardson Highway via the Old Valdez Trail. The three-mile access route follows Old Valdez Trail for approximately 1.75 miles before coming to the first of three ice crossings on a winter road the Division of Forestry contracted to have plowed open last week. The winter road is approximately 1.5 miles long and is very rough in places. Four-wheel drives vehicles are highly recommended to access the area.

"Next winter when the snow fills in and traffic/use packs it down, the road will be smoother," Fairbanks Resource Forester Kevin Meany said.

Forestry staff will periodically check the condition of ice crossings to monitor ice thickness but permit holders need to use caution when traveling to the woodcutting area. The area will be closed once breakup begins, however woodcutting permits are good for a year, so they will be good next winter as well, Meany said.

For more information on the Salcha woodcutting area or to check on the condition of the road, call Meany at 451-2602 or consult the DOF website at http://forestry.alaska.gov/wood/firewood.htm.

Contact: Kevin Meany, 451-2602, kevin.meany@alaska.gov

State Starts Review of Reforestation Standards

For more information, see the Reforestation Standards Review web page at: http://forestry.alaska.gov/forestpractices.htm#reforestation

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