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Forest Land Use Plans

Step 3: Forest Land Use Plans

The Division of Forestry & Fire Protection must prepare a Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) for each proposed timber sale and personal use harvest area prior to harvesting. Only harvests of 10 acres or less or timber salvaged for land cleared for a nonforest use are exempt from this requirement. FLUPs present detailed information on the location, access, harvest methods, duration, and proposed reforestation for each sale.

All FLUPs must follow the principles of multiple use and sustained yield and consider non-timber uses and resources within the sale area.

FLUPs are subject to public and agency review. FLUPs may be reviewed either simultaneous to or following the review and adoption of a Best Interest Finding. After FLUP review and revision, the Division decides whether to adopt the FLUP and go on with the sale, or to drop the sale. (References: AS 38.05.112, AS 38.04.065(b), and AS 38.05.035(e)).

Forest Land Use Plans