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DOF COVID-19 Response Tools

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DOF COVID-19 Handbook


Please take the time for you and your co-workers to watch this one-hour video of Dr. Thomas Quimby, a former wildland firefighter and current COVID expert, to help you decide whether to get vaccinated. This video was taken at Spring Ops 2021.

Testing and screening protocols

DOF COVID-19 Briefing & Personal Protective Equipment Training

DOF Area Mitigation Plans

Additional COVID References

Division of Forestry on Facebook and on Twitter. DOF staff can also subscribe to Alaska Fire Info, the interagency blog that is the main conduit for fire information for both the Alaska Division of Forestry and BLM Alaska Fire Service.


State of Alaska (SOA):

Technology Tips

  • Accessing your OneDrive portal. This 4-minute video shows you how to find files you've saved in OneDrive, and find files that others have shared with you.
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