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Alaska Forest Health Protection Program

The Alaska Division of Forestry’s Forest Health program provides assistance to State, municipal, and private entities and individuals in the following areas:

  • Forest health diagnostics – What is wrong with the trees?
  • Forest insect mitigation – Can something be done about it?
  • Investigation of forest insect impacts – Ecological and economical
  • Surveys and monitoring – Native and invasive threats
  • Outreach and education – Through presentations, reports, and other means

Program priorities focus on insect pests, forest pathogens, and abiotic stressors such as wind damage and flooding. To see information on current projects and priorities, please visit the Forest Health Hot Topics section.

20150624 (05) - DAMAGE - Western gall rust on shore pine near Dyea, AK - J.Moan DOF.jpg 20140622 - Leaf beetles - M & J Moan (2).JPG DSCN0927 - 2012 windstorm Pogo Rd - Reggear.JPG

Photos: Alaska Division of Forestry

Forest Health Conditions in Alaska

The Forest Health Conditions in Alaska report summarizes observations made during surveying efforts each year. It is produced annually by USDA Forest Service - Forest Health Protection and their partners, including the Alaska Division of Forestry. For copies of the Forest Health Conditions in Alaska reports, please visit the USDA Forest Service – Region 10 Forest Health Protection website.

For more information, please contact:

Jason Moan, Forest Health Program Manager
DNR Division of Forestry, Anchorage

Program funding is provided by USDA Forest Service – Forest Health Protection