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Tok Area Timber Sale Schedule and Plans

Tok Biomass Competitive Timber Sale (NC-1075T)

The Alaska Division of Forestry is offering for sale 700 to 900 acres of timber a year for a 25 year contract period. The goal of this contract is to harvest approximately 35,000 green tons of mixed species timber a year to reduce the risk of wildfire to the community of Tok. The timber being offered is described in the "Final Best Interest Finding for a Long Term Timber Sale for Biomass Utilization in Tok, Alaska NC-1075T" published on April 3, 2013.

The Tok Biomass Timber Sale (NC-1075T) will follow the competitive sealed bid process. Sealed bids must be submitted on the form provided by the Division of Forestry, marked on the outside with the timber sale name and number, and addressed to the Tok Area Office, Alaska Division of Forestry, P. O. Box 10, Tok, AK 99780. Sealed Bids will be accepted until the bid opening, at 4:30 P.M. prevailing time, August 20, 2013. Sealed bids may also be presented in person to the Tok Area Forester, Jeffrey Hermanns.

Five Year Schedule of Timber Sales

Best Interest Findings

Dry Creek and Johnson Slough Best Interest Findings

Tok Long-Term Timber Sale Decision Issued

The Division of Forestry issued a final decision to proceed with a 25-year timber sale near Tok, Alaska. This action affirms it is in the state's best interest to sell woody biomass material from state land to supply a local proposed facility for cogeneration and/or manufacturing forest products. The timber harvests will significantly reduce wildland fire risks to the Tok area. The best interest finding is an outgrowth of the Tok Community Wildfire Protection Plan that concludes "fuel reduction is by far the most effective way to protect Tok from a large scale destructive wildfire and return our forests to a healthier, more natural state."

A copy of this decision may be viewed in the Tok and Fairbanks Area Forestry Offices, or downloaded below.

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Over the Counter Sales

No over the counter sales available at this time. Please contact the Area Forester to be listed for notification of future timber sales.

Contract Information

For more information, please contact the Area Forester, Jeffrey Hermanns, phone:(907) 883-1400.