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Training and Employment


The Division of Forestry sponsors many local and interagency training opportunities each year. Contact your local area office for local course offerings. Higher level and interagency offerings will be posted on the Wildland Fire Learning Portal (WFLP). The WFLP is an interagency platform that hosts a comprehensive nationwide schedule of courses offered, and many self-study courses as well. You can find more information on our course offerings on the portal at Contact your local area office/training officer for more information on course eligibility and the nomination process.

Online Training Opportunities

Navigating the NWCG website, Wildland Fire Learning Portal and other online training resources can be challenging. This online training page can serve as a summary of some of the training that is available and who it is for.

Basic Firefighter/FFT2 Training

The Division of Forestry conducts Basic Firefighter Training every year. Upon completion of a Red Card Class, traditional in-person or blended, you will be a fully qualified FFT2 and eligible to receive a Red Card from your local Forestry office. Your Red Card will need to be renewed each subsequent year to remain active, with a RT-130 Refresher Training and a Fitness Test.

Area Red Card Classes

All training for the 2022 fire season has been completed. This page will be updated in the fall.

RT-130 - Refreshers w/Pack Test

All training for the 2022 fire season has been completed. This page will be updated in the fall.

Emergency Firefighters - EFF

During periods of high fire danger and/or activity, the Alaska Division of Forestry supplements its staffing levels with the help of the Emergency Firefighter (EFF) employment program. This program provides temporary employment and experience to individuals willing to be available "on-call" while the need exists for additional personnel. EFF are hired to work on crews, helicopters, fire engines and more. In addition to firefighters (FFT2), the Division of Forestry hires temporary support positions. These positions include: dispatchers, drivers, warehouse workers, administrative aides, and operators w/equipment. (See our Equipment Hiring page for more information.) While some of these positions require specialized training and experience, many are 'no experience necessary.'

2022 Statewide Emergency Firefighter Hiring Information
2022 EFF Application

If you are interested in employment as an emergency firefighter (EFF), contact the nearest Alaska Division of Forestry Area Office.

Permanent Jobs with the Division of Forestry

The Division of Forestry has many employment opportunities across the entire state in wildfire operations, prevention, dispatch, administration and logistics. While some are year round, many of these job are seasonal. Permanent positions and wildland fire crew positions are advertised and hired on Workplace Alaska. Go online or contact your local area office for more information on these and other employment opportunities.

For more information, call your local Forestry office

  • Fairbanks: 451-2635 or 451-2651
  • Haines: 766-2120
  • Kenai-Kodiak Area (Soldotna): 260-4200
  • Mat-Su/Southwest Area (Palmer): 761-6300
  • Mat-Su/Southwest Area (McGrath): 524-3010
  • Tok: 883-1400
  • Valdez/Copper River (Glennallen): 822-5534
  • Delta Junction: 895-4225