Boards and Organizations

Alaska Board of Forestry

Fact Sheet
Members Roster

  • Matthew A. Cronin, Ph.D., Fish/Wildlife Biology - Non-Governmental, Anchorage
  • Jeff Foley, Mining Organization, Anchorage
  • Chris Maisch, ex officio Chair, State Forester, Fairbanks
  • Erin McLarnon, Recreation, Willow
  • Wayne Nicolls, Forester - Non-Governmental, Juneau
  • Eric Nichols, Forest Industry Trade Assn.,  Ketchikan
  • Mark Vinsel, Commercial Fishery, Juneau
  • Ron Wolfe, Native Corporation, Juneau
  • Chris Stark, Environmental, Fairbanks

Alaska Timber Job Task Force

Fact Sheet

  • Susan Bell, Executive Director - AIDEA
  • Brad Cox, Alaska Forest Products Industry
  • Bryce Dahlstrom, Alaska Forest Products Industry
  • Owen J. Graham, Alaska Forest Products Industry
  • John (Chris) Maisch, State Forester, Commissioner/DNR/ Designee
  • Beth Pendleton, Regional Forester, USDA Forest Service Designee
  • Elaine Price, Southeast Alaska Communities
  • Randy Ruaro, Governor Designee
  • Doug Vincent-Lang, Commissioner/DFG Designee

Tanana Valley State Forest Citizens' Advisory Committee


  • Brad Cox, Value-Added Processing, Delta Junction 
  • Milton Behr, Mining Industry, Fairbanks 
  • Paul Karczmarczyk, Fish & Wildlife Interests, Fairbanks 
  • Tom Malone, Chair, Forest Science, Fairbanks 
  • Fabian Keirn, Native Community, Fairbanks 
  • Thomas Nerbonne, Upper Tanana Valley Representative, Delta Junction 
  • Al Pagh, Forest Industry, Fairbanks 
  • Dan Rees, Private Forest User, North Pole 
  • Jacquie Goss, Regional Representative - Lower Tanana Valley, Nenana 
  • Chris Stark, Environmental Interests, Fairbanks 
  • John Rusyniak, Recreation Seat, Tok
  • Reed Morisky, Tourism Industry, Fairbanks

Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee

  • Dr. Valeria Barber, University of Alaska
  • Danny Consenstein, USDA Farm Service Agency, Palmer
  • Jim Durst, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Fairbanks
  • Clare Doig, Consulting Forester, Anchorage
  • Mike Green, Private Forest Landowner, Fairbanks
  • George Matz, Private Forest Landowner, Homer
  • Dorothy Melambianakis, Kachemak Heritage Land Trust
  • Mitch Michaud, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Kenai
  • Tom Dearlove, Kenai Peninsula Borough, Soldotna
  • Dan Parrent, USDA Forest Service, Anchorage
  • Phil Shepard, Great Land Trust
  • Will Putman, Tanana Chiefs Conference, Fairbanks

Alaska Community Forest Council

Fact Sheet and Members Roster