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Alaska Board of Forestry

The nine-member Alaska Board of Forestry advises the state on forest practices issues and provides a forum for discussion and resolution of forest management issues on state land. The board also reviews all proposed changes to the Alaska Forest Resources and Practices Act and its regulations. Board members are appointed by the governor for three-year terms and represent a variety of forest-related interests. The Alaska Forest Resources and Practices Act established the Alaska Board of Forestry (AS 41.17.041).

Board of Forestry Updates

Alaska Board of Forestry Members

Helge Eng, Ex-officio Chair
State Forester, Email

Bill Morris
Fish/Wildlife Biology - Non-Governmental, Fairbanks

Denise Herzog
Mining Organization, Fairbanks

Russell Byerly
Recreation, Haines

Mike Post
Forester - Non-Governmental, Anchorage

Eric Nichols
Forest Industry Trade Association, Ketchikan

Commercial Fishery, Juneau

Nathan Lojewski
Native Corporation, Anchorage

Chris Stark
Environmental Organization, Fairbanks


Approved minutes from previous Board of Forestry meetings are available below

For copies of minutes from prior meetings, contact Helge Eng.

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Annual Board and Agency Reports

Each year, the departments of Natural Resources, Environmental Conservation, and Fish and Game report to the Board of Forestry on the effectiveness of the Alaska Forest Resources and Practices Act (FRPA) and its regulations. Based on these documents and other information, the Board then reports to the Governor on FRPA effectiveness. Copies of the three most recent reports are listed below. For copies of prior reports, contact Helge Eng ( 907-269-8463).

Presentations to the Board of Forestry

Contact Information

For more information on the Board of Forestry or for individuals wishing to be added to the Board's mailing list or receive future announcements of Alaska Board of Forestry meetings, by e-mail or in hard copy, contact Helge Eng, State Forester and Director, Division of Forestry & Fire Protection at (907)269-8463 or email.