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Local Use Lumber

When can you take the class for certifying your own lumber?

Senate Bill 87, which amends state law to allow for a Local Use Lumber Program, passed the legislature in May 2023. The next step is for the Governor to sign the bill. Program funding should then be appropriated to the Division of Forestry and Fire Protection (DOF) on July 1, 2023. When DOF receives funding, we can start building the program. A few important steps must happen for the program to be implemented:

  1. Collaborate with the University to hire a Wood Utilization Specialist in the Extension program. DOF Staff are already working with UAF Cooperative Extension Services to build that position. We will continue to work with them and, once the funding has been appropriated, formalize the working relationship with the University to build up that expertise in the University system.
  2. Work with municipalities, housing authorities and funding agencies to allow for the use of locally produced lumber. The success of this program will require these entities to amend their construction standards to allow the use of locally produced lumber in residential construction. We will begin meeting with these groups as soon as Senate Bill 87 is signed and becomes law.
  3. Finish the lumber grading handbook and air drying best practices guide. In anticipation of creating a Local Use Lumber Program, DOF staff began drafting these documents even before the passage of Senate Bill 87. DOF will continue refining these documents and intends to finalize them in collaboration with the new Wood Utilization Specialist.
  4. Host a train-the-trainer event. Once the program has been funded and the details have been worked out, we will host an initial training to go through the grade standards and the educational criteria that trainers will provide. This training will help us learn how best to teach the subject matter.

This process will take some time to get off the ground, but we intent to keep interested members of the industry and the public informed on how things are progressing. We will utilize this website to do that with updates as new developments emerge.

Thank you for your interest in the Local Use Lumber Program.