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Tongass Young-Growth Forestry Analysis

The USFS has just published their Analysis of Young-Growth Forest Inventory Information and Future Timber Volume Estimates on the Tongass National Forest (see link, below). The report documents how new young-growth forest inventory data was collected and analyzed, and young-growth stand mapping was updated, in the effort to better quantify and describe the young-growth forest resource as it exists across the entirety of the Tongass National Forest. Using the results of young-growth data analyses and revised mapping, the report provides:

  • An estimate of the extent and character of the gross young-growth timber base across the entire forest.
  • A preliminary, map-based estimate of falldown percentage in young-growth timber stands.
  • An estimate of the extent of the net young-growth timber base that will be managed for future timber production and harvest.
  • A projection of the potential future flow of young-growth timber volume over time.
  • Descriptions of the new young-growth forest planning tools developed during the project.

Joint State & Federal Press Release
Tongass National Forest Young-Growth Forestry Analysis