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Wildland Fire Learning Portal

The Wildland Fire Learning Portal is an enterprise learning management system that serves as a schedule for nationwide fire training as well as an online platform for local and national courses.
S-110 - Basic Wildland Fire Orientation - required for PIOT, recommended for many introductory level non-operations positions.
L-180 - Human Factors in Wildland Fire Service
S-130 - Firefighter Training, Online Component
S-190 - Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior
S-260 - Interagency Incident Business Management - required for ATBM, FWBM, recommended for many other positions, including single resource bosses, finance, dispatch and logistics positions.


MetEd is a free collection of hundreds of training resources intended for the geoscience community. Whether you're an experienced meteorologist honing existing skills or a student looking for new geoscience topics of interest, they have something for you.
S-290 - Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior - 15 hours - required for single resource bosses and FEMO, recommended for many other positions.

Interagency Aviation Training

You will need an agency sponsor to get an account here. Talk to your supervisor to see if you would benefit from this training. hosts over 50 online aviation courses. Some of the courses that our employees use regularly are:
A-110 - Aviation Transport of Hazardous Materials - required for ACDP, ATBM, FWBM, HECM and HMGB.
A-115 - Automated Flight Following - required for IADP, ATIM, ATBM, FWBM, and SEMG.
A-204 - Manned Aircraft Capabilities and Limitations - required for ACDP, RTCM, ATBM, FWBM, and FWPT.

FEMA- Emergency Management Institute

IS-100.c - Introduction to the Incident Command System - required for all positions
IS-200.c- Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response - required for all single resources
IS-700.b - An Introduction to the National Incident Management System - required for all positions
IS-800.d - National Response Framework, An Introduction - required for unit leaders, TFLD and many other positions