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Local Area Basic Wildland Firefighter Training

The Division of Forestry and Fire Protection offers Basic Wildland Firefighter Trainings (Red Card Classes) every spring across the state. Some of these are blended (online and in-person) and others are entirely in-person. Each offering covers S-130, S-190 and L-180. If you choose a blended course, you will need to also complete S-130P, the field day, at a local area office. If your course is entirely in person, S-130P will be included. You must also pass an Arduous Fitness Test (Work Capacity Test (WCT)) to receive a FFT2 (Firefighter Type 2) qualification on your Red Card.

Local 2024 class schedules will be posted as available.

Online 2024 class schedules will be posted November 2023.

RT-130 - Refreshers & Pack Tests

All personnel that receive a Red Card from the Division of Forestry and Fire Protection must attend an annual Fireline Safety Refresher (RT-130). RT-130 is an instructor-led course, and must be attended live (virtual or in-person). Watching a recorded refresher is not allowed. The Fire Shelter Deployment (FSD) is required for all positions and may be completed at an in-person refresher or pack test. If you do not require a pack test for your qualifications, you must still complete a Fire Shelter Deployment at a local office.

2024 Refresher and pack test schedules will be posted March 2024.