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Alaska Special Use Airspace Information (MOA's) Not working

Important information on military aircraft operations in Alaska for all pilots, residents, and visitors.

Aviation Weather Maps for Alaska

  • IFR / Marginal VFR Areas
  • Areas of Icing
  • Map of Lows, Highs, and Weather
  • Map of Areas of Turbulence and Strong Wind
  • 24 hour Significant Weather Forecast
  • 36 hour Significant Weather Forecast
  • Winds at 6,000 through 34,000 feet

Alaska Weather Satellite Photo

Thermal Infrared Satellite photo-updated hourly.

Aviation Area Forecasts

Coded forecasts for Alaska

Alaska Current Weather Conditions

Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind, Pressure, Wind Chill, Visibility

Office of Aircraft Services (Department of Interior)

  • Departmental Manual
  • Operational Procedures Manual
  • OAS phone numbers and contacts
  • OAS Aircraft Source List
  • OAS Pilot Source List

Federal Aviation Regulations Search Not working

Title 14, Parts 1 through 199

Aviation Search Engines

  • Aircraft "N" Number
  • Certified Pilot Database
  • Airworthiness Directives
  • Service Difficulty Reports
  • Airworthiness Directives

Airport Data

  • Airport Locations
  • Runway Information
  • Significant Obstructions
  • Communication Frequencies