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Alaska Timber Jobs Task Force

In 2011, Governor Parnell convened a nine-member Alaska Timber Jobs Task Force to recommend management actions and research regarding forest management across Alaska. The goal was to further economic development and provide jobs for Alaskans from timber harvest and associated activities. Task force members included representatives from the Governor’s Office, state agencies, the US Forest Service, the timber industry, and Southeast Alaska communities.

The Task Force issued its final recommendations in 2012. They address: management of the state forest land, future additions to existing legislatively-designated State Forests, creation of new State Forests, changes to state statutes or regulations governing timber harvesting, state land acquisition or exchanges in the Tongass National Forest, and areas of research and development related to timber demand and supply, wood products, and timber-wildlife interactions on the Tongass National Forest.

The final report from the task force and supporting documents are attached below.

The Executive Order creating the Task Force is available at


The Alaska Timber Task Force presented its Final Report to the Governor on October 16, 2012. To view the report, click on the following link.


Minutes from the Task Force meetings are available at the following links

Contact Information

For more information on the Task Force, contact Chris Maisch, State Forester, Division of Forestry & Fire Protection at 907-451-2666 or