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Alaska Correlations

Alaska Correlations

The Alaska State Content Standards correlated to:
Project WILD
Project Learning Tree
The Alaska Wildlife Curriculum

We are pleased to present Alaska Correlations. In keeping with national education reform efforts to enhance quality education for all students, Project WILD, Project Learning Tree and the Alaska Wildlife Curriculum created this guide correlating our three programs to the Alaska State Content Standards.

We realize that a common concern among educators is how to fit another element into an already full day. We hope that Alaska Correlations will make your job easier by providing a tool to identify activities in each of our three programs that will help you meet state educational standards.

Alaska Correlations Guide Contents

The correlation guide is divided into two sections for your convenience.

Reference by Activity:

If you are know the name of an activity from one of our programs, you can find out which content standards are addressed. All activities are listed alphabetically in each section.

Project Learning Tree

Project WILD

Alaska Wildlife Curriculum

Reference by Discipline:

If you are interested in a specific content standard, you can find a complete listing of all the activities from each of our three programs that will help you meet that standard.

We hope you find this guide helpful for lesson planning. Any suggestions for improving Alaska Correlations or our educational programs are welcome. An evaluation form is provided in the back of each reference section.

Project WILD and Project Learning Tree

Project WILD and Project Learning Tree are conservation education programs that offer training, background and materials to teachers through educator workshops throughout the state of Alaska.

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources sponsors Project Learning Tree and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game sponsors Project WILD and the Alaska Wildlife Curriculum.

If you are interested in a workshop, you or your school administrator can contact us to schedule a workshop in your community.

Robin Dublin
Project WILD Coordinator
(907) 267-2168

Barbara Bodnar
Project Learning Tree Coordinator
(907) 269-8481


The Alaska Correlations Guide is dedicated to the teachers of Alaska for all you do! Creating educational opportunities for students that integrate the natural world with the classroom puts education into the context of their lives. We hope this guide helps you mesh that space between your classroom and the natural world. Thank you!


We would also like to thank the following individuals:

Correlation Evaluator: Jan Bronson
Correlation Evaluator: Jennifer Coggins
Intern Extraordinaire: Holli Apgar
Department of Education Liaison: Peggy Cowan
Grant Writer for PLT: Susan Rogers

This Correlation Guide would not be possible without the support of the following organizations:

Alaska Department of Education
Council for Environmental Education (CEE)
Environmental Education & Training Partnership (EETAP)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
North American Environmental Education Association (NAAEE)
Project Learning Tree
Project WILD