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Other Aviation Links

Aerial Firefighting Airspace Information for Pilots

Important information on aerial firefighting airspace in Alaska for pilots.

Alaska Special Use Airspace Information (MOA's)

Important information on military aircraft operations in Alaska for all pilots, residents, and visitors.

Aviation Weather Maps for Alaska

  • IFR / Marginal VFR Areas
  • Areas of Icing
  • Map of Lows, Highs, and Weather
  • Map of Areas of Turbulence and Strong Wind
  • 24 hour Significant Weather Forecast
  • 36 hour Significant Weather Forecast
  • Winds at 6,000 through 34,000 feet

Alaska Weather Satellite Photo

Thermal Infrared Satellite photo-updated hourly.

Aviation Area Forecasts

Coded forecasts for Alaska

Alaska Current Weather Conditions

Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind, Pressure, Wind Chill, Visibility

Office of Aircraft Services (Department of Interior)

  • Departmental Manual
  • Operational Procedures Manual
  • OAS phone numbers and contacts
  • OAS Aircraft Source List
  • OAS Pilot Source List

Federal Aviation Regulations Search

Title 14, Parts 1 through 199

Aviation Search Engines

  • Aircraft "N" Number
  • Certified Pilot Database
  • Airworthiness Directives
  • Service Difficulty Reports
  • Airworthiness Directives

Airport Data

  • Airport Locations
  • Runway Information
  • Significant Obstructions
  • Communication Frequencies