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Haines State Forest Management Plan

Adopted August 2002

The Haines State Forest Management Plan is for those lands designated by the State Legislature in 1982 as the Haines State Forest Resource Management Area. The Haines State Forest Management Plan for this area was originally adopted in 1985. This plan, adopted in August 2002, is a revision of the 1985 management plan. The purposes of the Plan are the utilization, perpetuation, conservation, and protection of land and water through multiple use management. The plan defines management intent for State lands and waters within the State Forest boundaries as well as provides for the continuation of other beneficial uses including recreational activities and traditional uses.

Plan revisions were conducted concurrently with the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve Management Plan and the Northern Southeast Area Plan. The integrated development of these three plans was thought necessary because of common boundaries, common river drainages and the need for consistent management of resources.

Haines State Forest Management Plan includes the following:

Chapter 1: Establishment and Purpose of the Haines State Forest

This chapter describes the planning area in detail and describes the purposes and intent of the plan as well as the relationship to the other DNR plans.

Subsections: Differences between State Forest Plan and Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve Plan | Purpose and Organization | Study Area | Relationship of this Plan to other DNR Plans | Resource, Land Status, Recreational Forestry, and Habitat Research | Plan Implementation | Modification of the plan

Chapter 2: Forest-Wide Land Management Policies

This chapter describes the forest-wide land management policies for major resource and land use categories.

Fish and Wildlife | Forest Resources | Forest Protection | Recreation | Subsurface Resources & Materials | Transportation | Water Quality & Quantity, Wetlands and Riparian Areas.

Chapter 3: Land Management Policies for Management Units

This Chapter describes the management units and in detail and discusses for each unit land classification, management intent and authorizations. Boundary maps are included in this chapter for each unit and its subunits. The boundaries of the management units and subunits are generally the same as the 1985 plan.

Unit 1, Kelsall River | Unit 2, East Chilkat River | Unit 3, Klehini River | Unit 4, Chilkat Lake | Unit 5, Takhin/Kicking Horse | Unit 6 Chilkat Inlet | Unit 7, Haines Hwy. and Lower Chilkat River | Unit 8, Chilkoot Lake | Unit 9, Ferebee River

Chapter 4: Plan Implementation

This chapter summarizes the actions necessary to implement the plan – Land Classification Order | Mineral Entry and Leasehold Location Orders | Special Use Designations | Management Agreement | Five-Year Schedule of Forest Management Activities | Cooperative Management Agreement | Responsibilities for Plan Implementation | Future Research | Plan Modification and Procedures for Appeal


Glossary | Special Use Land Designation to Create a Non-Motorized Area | Mineral Closing Order | Mineral Leasehold Location Order | Special Use Land Designation to Manage Large-scale Commercial Recreation Activities | Land Classification Order | Management Agreement Between DNR Divisions | Land Classifications | Cooperative Agreement Between DNR Divisions | Results of Community Recreation Survey | Special Use Land Designation for Commercial Helicopter Operations

The Haines State Forest Plan on the Web:

For easier downloading, been broken down into separate Adobe Acrobat .PDF documents. The first link below is the entire text of the plan, chapters 1 thru 4. Below that the appendices and the maps are listed with separate links to each. Map listings include the page number where the map appears in the printed text.

Haines State Forest Management PlanComplete Text

  • Appendix A – Glossary
  • Appendix B – Special Land Use Designation 106929 – Non-motorized Area (includes Mt. Ripinski Non-Motorized Map)
  • Appendix C – Mineral Closing Order #771
  • Appendix D – Mineral Leasehold Location Order No. 25
  • Appendix E – Special Land Use Designation 106858 – Large-scale Commercial Recreation
  • Appendix F – Land Classification Order No. SE-02-02
  • Appendix G – Management Agreement between DNR Divisions
  • Appendix H – Land Classifications
  • Appendix I – Cooperative Agreement Between DNR Divisions
  • Appendix J – Results of Community Recreation Survey
  • Appendix K – Special Use Land Designation 106939 – Commercial Helicopter Operations (includes use area map as adopted 11-15-02)

List of Maps HSFP


  • Map 1-1 Boundary of Haines State Forest & Generalized Land Status, Page 1-3
  • Map 1-2 Habitat and Anadromous Streams, Page 1-9


  • Map 2-1 Timber Inventory & Timber Management Areas – Northern Area, Page 2-9
  • Map 2-2 Timber Inventory & Timber Management Areas – Southern Area, Page 2-11


  • Map 3-1 Management Units, Page 3-3
  • Map 3-2 Mgt. Unit 1: Kelsall River, Page 3-7
  • Map 3-3 Mgt. Unit 2: East Chilkat River, Page 3-15
  • Map 3-4 Mgt. Unit 3: Klehini River, Page 3-21
  • Map 3-5 Mgt. Unit 4: Chilkat Lake, Page 3-33
  • Map 3-6 Mgt. Unit 5: Takhin/Kicking Horse, Page 3-41
  • Map 3-7 Mgt. Unit 6: Chilkat Inlet, Page 3-45
  • Map 3-8 Mgt. Unit 7: Haines Highway & Lower Chilkat River, Page 3-53
  • Map 3-9 Mgt. Unit 8: Chilkoot Lake, Page 3-59
  • Map 3-10 Mgt. Unit 9: Ferebee River, Page 3-71


  • Appendix B Haines State Forest, Mt. Ripinski Non-Motorized Area
  • Appendix K Attachment to Commercial Helicopter SUD (Heliskiing Use and Non-Use)