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Alaska Community Forest Council

The Alaska Arbor Day Shovel

The Alaska Community Forest Council is a nonprofit organization with 15 members from across the state. Members advise the Division of Forestry & Fire Protection on how to develop and deliver community forestry programs to Alaskans, support education, and encourage public involvement. Members make recommendations on the criteria, guidelines, and award of community forestry grants from the division. The council meets four times a year and holds regular teleconferences. All meetings are open to the public. Alaska Community Forest Council Minutes are available upon request.


Alaska Community Forest Council to meet via Zoom on March 11

The Alaska Community Forest Council (ACFC) is holding its quarterly meeting on Friday, March 11, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. via Zoom. Members of the public who would like to join the meeting should contact the Community Forestry Program at for Zoom login details.

Agenda items include Invasive species response, project development and committee updates.

The council is a nonprofit organization and advisory body to the Division of Forestry & Fire Protection that works to improve Alaskans' quality of life by expanding and caring for urban and community forests. The council promotes the management of trees and forests within communities to maximize the economic, environmental and social benefits that trees provide.

Information about the council and the Division of Forestry & Fire Protection's Community Forestry Program is available on the web at or by contacting the Community Forestry Program office at 296-8465, or by contacting Meg Burgett, Chair, Alaska Community Forest Council at (907) 315-9339,

CONTACT: Josh Hightower, 907-269-8466,

2022 Arbor Day Grants available

The Alaska Community Forest Council shares the mission of the Alaska Community Forestry Program to help communities build effective, self-sustaining community forestry programs with strong local support. The Council has grants available to government agencies and non-profit organization to help celebrate Arbor Day in Alaska. This year, Arbor Day will be celebrated on May 16.

Grants are intended to help the meet this goal by funding projects that:

  1. Generate awareness of and participation in Arbor Day (officially May 16, 2022);
  2. Increase public awareness of the benefits of trees and forests and build support for planting and caring for public trees;
  3. Provide a public demonstration of the benefits of trees and/or proper tree selection, planting, and care;
  4. Use trees to solve community problems. Examples include: reduce or treat stormwater, create wind breaks or living snow fences, restore streams or rivers, plant fruit trees to provide healthy food, screen surfaces prone to graffiti, calm traffic, and beautify your schoolyard.


  • Applicant must be a government entity or nonprofit organization with IRS 501(C)3 status.
  • Applicants may apply for a grant of from $200 to $500. Approximately $3,000 is available for grants.
  • Grant funds may not be used for wages or benefits.
  • If trees and shrubs are planted with grant funds, follow practices described in Plant a Tree: Alaska's Guide to Tree Selection, Planting, & Care. See link below.
    Trees must:
    • Have a three-year, budgeted maintenance plan.
    • Be of high quality, appropriate for the site, and meet the American Standard for Nursery Stock 2014.
    • If you would like help writing specifications to ensure that you receive trees in excellent condition and form, please contact us.
  • Donations for Arbor Day Grants were provided to the Council from the Society of American Foresters Cook Inlet and Yukon River chapters and Paul's Tree Service. Any media (print, online etc.) or public event produced in association with this grant shall recognize the support of the Alaska Community Forest Council.


Complete an application ( Be creative and find ways to reach a large audience in your community.

Selection Criteria

  1. Quality, clarity and organization of project and budget.
  2. Extent to which project generates awareness of and participation in Arbor Day.
  3. Extent to which project increases public awareness of the benefits of trees and forests and builds support for planting and caring for public trees.
  4. Extent to which project demonstrates the benefits of trees and/or proper tree selection, planting, and care.
  5. Project's benefits to the community and its ability to solve a problem or meet a need.

Application Process

Complete the two-page application (link below). Application are accepted year round, and are reviewed quarterly beginning in March. The Alaska Community Forest Council and Community Forestry staff will review applications and grant awards will be announced after each of our quarterly meetings. Upon approval of the proposal, the council and grantee will sign a grant agreement.

For more information or assistance

Please call if you need help preparing your proposal. We can provide information to help you design a successful project, including Plant a Tree: Alaska's Guide to Tree Selection, Planting, and Care, online at

Information and publications are also available at

Alex Wenninger 907-786-6309

E-mail (preferred), mail, or deliver proposal to:
Alex Wenninger, council member, at or
Alaska Community Forest Council PO Box 241282
Anchorage, AK 99524

Alaska Community Forest Council Meeting Minutes





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