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Community Forestry & Arboriculture

Alaskan Websites

  • - - Information about trees, shrubs, and vines known to be growing successfully in Alaska landscapes. The site will help you plant the right plant in the right place.
  • Hazard Tree Management in Alaska - US Forest Service website provides basic information about hazardous trees.
  • University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service - hundreds of publications on gardening, landscaping and sustainable living.
  • Rain Gardens - Municipality of Anchorage Watershed Management Services’ website provides information on using trees and other plants to reduce storm water runoff and keep pollutants from our waterways.
  • – Local Alaskan plants clearinghouse for people interested in producing or purchasing plants in Alaska, reducing invasive species, and supporting local business.
  • Committee for Noxious and Invasive Plants Management - Committee for Noxious and Invasive Plants Management - raises awareness of the problems caused by non-native invasive plants in Alaska.
  • Alaska Pioneer Fruit Growers Association - experiences of successful fruit growing in Alaska.

National Websites

Research and Education

Other Resources

Oregon State University Landscape Plants: Images, Identification, and Information Raising Forest Tree Seedlings at Home: Simple Methods for Growing Conifers of the Pacific Northwest from Seeds Illinois Green Industry Association - guidelines for growing, planting, and maintaining healthy trees; photos and up-to-date specifications. Reforestation, Nurseries and Genetics Resources - Art and science of raising seedlings.