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Community Forestry & Arboriculture

Alaskan Websites

  • - - Information about trees, shrubs, and vines known to be growing successfully in Alaska landscapes. The site will help you plant the right plant in the right place.
  • Hazard Tree Management in Alaska - US Forest Service website provides basic information about hazardous trees.
  • University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service - hundreds of publications on gardening, landscaping and sustainable living.
  • Rain Gardens - Municipality of Anchorage Watershed Management Services’ website provides information on using trees and other plants to reduce storm water runoff and keep pollutants from our waterways.
  • – Local Alaskan plants clearinghouse for people interested in producing or purchasing plants in Alaska, reducing invasive species, and supporting local business.
  • Committee for Noxious and Invasive Plants Management - Committee for Noxious and Invasive Plants Management - raises awareness of the problems caused by non-native invasive plants in Alaska.
  • Alaska Pioneer Fruit Growers Association - experiences of successful fruit growing in Alaska.

National Websites

Research and Education

Other Resources

Oregon State University Landscape Plants: Images, Identification, and Information Raising Forest Tree Seedlings at Home: Simple Methods for Growing Conifers of the Pacific Northwest from Seeds Illinois Green Industry Association - guidelines for growing, planting, and maintaining healthy trees; photos and up-to-date specifications. Reforestation, Nurseries and Genetics Resources - Art and science of raising seedlings.

Project Learning Tree

The Alaska Division of Forestry & Fire Protection is also teaming up with Project Learning Tree to provide applicants with free curriculum to connect students to your school's trees, or trees in their communities. Project Learning Tree (PLT) is a national environmental education program that uses trees and forests as windows for learning, and is an initiative of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). With funding from SFI, applicants can access PLT's new, downloadable Theme-based activity collections for educators. The following collections are available:

These collections are theme-based, and include 3 activities with outdoor learning components, printable student pages and (some) adaptations for remote learners. All activities are NGSS correlated (sample here), and highlight academic standards in ELA, Math and Social Studies as applicable. Although organized by grade level, many activities also include variations for other grade levels. For more information about these educational resources, contact Molly Gillespie, Alaska PLT State Coordinator.