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Community Forest Publications

Fact sheets available online in PDF format:





  • For a free copy of any of the following publications, send your request and mailing address to: Josh Hightower
    • Alaska Community Forestry Program Brochure
    • Celebrate Arbor Day
    • Common Trees of Alaska
    • Conifers of the Temperate Rain Forest of Alaska
    • Pruning Mature Trees
    • Pruning Young Trees
    • Why Topping Hurts Trees
    • Plant Bare Root Trees


Tree City USA Bulletins - 8-page bulletins by the National Arbor Day Foundation (

1.   How to Prune Young Shade Trees

2.   When a Storm Strikes

3.   Resolving Tree/Sidewalk Conflicts

4.   The Right Tree for the Right Place

5.   Living With Urban Soils

6.   How to Hire an Arborist

7.   How to Save Trees During Construction

8.   Don't Top Trees!

9.   Writing a Municipal Tree Ordinance

10. Plant Trees for America!

11. How to Prevent Tree/Sign Conflicts

12. What City Foresters Do

13. Trees for Wildlife

14. How to Kill a Tree

15. How to Recognize and Prevent Hazard Trees

16. How to Recycle Shade Tree Materials

17. How to Landscape to Save Water

18. Tree City USA Growth Award

19. How to Select and Plant a Tree

20. A Systematic Approach to Building With Trees

21. How Trees Can Save Energy

22. Tree City USA: Foundation for Better Management

23. How to Conduct a Street Tree Inventory

24. Trees and Parking Lots

25. Tree Line USA

26. Understanding Landscape Cultivars

27. How to Manage Community Natural Areas

28. Placing a Value on Trees

29. How to Plan for Management

30. Ten Tree Myths to Think About

31. Tree Protection Ordinances

32. Let's Stop Salt Damage

33. How to Interpret Trees

34. How to Fund Community Forestry

35. Protect Trees During Underground Work

36. How to Work with Volunteers Effectively

37. Plant Health Care - What it Means to You

38. The Way Trees Work - How to Help

39. Putting Trees to Work

40. Trees in the Riparian Zone

41. How To Reduce Wildfire Risks

42. Working With Children

43. Selling Others on Tree Programs

44. What Ails Your Tree

45. Trees for Better Streets

46. Data to Advocacy – New Tools to Promote Trees

47. Bring Nature Explore to Your Community

48. Teamwork Strengthens Community Forestry

49. Trees and The Law

50. Tree Campus USA

51. Trees and Safety

52. Good Use of Small Spaces

53. What Tree is that and Why

54. How to Grow a Great Tree Board

55. How Trees Can Retain Stormwater Runoff

56. Help Stop Insect and Disease Invasions

Documents in PDF format require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, save or print.